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EnterpriseIUX / UI Design

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Automate - Watch app

ConsumerIUX / UI Design

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Academy Sports

ConsumerIUX / UI Design

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Housing - Agent's App

User ResearchIAnalysis

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Launch Performance Dashboard

EnterpriseIUX / UI Design

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Mystery Marketing

Customer ExperienceIResearch

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MRTS Train

Public ObservationIField Research

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Karaikudi Socio - Cultural Trip

Architectural StudyIField Research

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My Design process

My UX process
Vaishnavi Ram

Hi there!

I believe everyone has a story to say and here is mine. I'm Vaishnavi Ram, UX Designer in love with experience design. My interest lie in the breaking point between research and design process, perhaps results aligned to pragmatic approach that have an ever-lasting impression. My foundation in graphic design strengthens my UI work; help guide the people I design products for.

I put forth lot of effort and detail into research for crafting complete experience —say for a user or environment. As our world speeds up, bogged down and confused by its own targets, I feel I have to preserve — the candid truths of culture —that will surely define the experience of human race with more culturally relevant solutions!

When I'm not at a computer designing product experience or reading articles, I enjoy painting my thoughts, Impasto art is one of my favorite, replicating styles of Van Gogh trying my hands on swirling brush strokes. I spend a lot of time and calories in shopping - whereas its my cardio!, tap my senses in fashion (following pinterest, instagram) catching up on new music, doing karaoke while drive or plan my next trip.


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Vaishnavi Ram

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awesome together? Say hello at . I'm currently available for product design or user research study across any platform.

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